FRP Tank Manufacturer

Our business premises,”Omkar Composites Pvt. Ltd.” is making a huge step of solution by designing & manufacturing frp tanks for the cleaner environment. We have a devoted demographic in the nation that is model to our innovative objects and customer determined endeavors and sue to this, we are in the lead place for exporting our well built and quality authorized FRP tanks to the abroad countries. Our regular patrons are the best media for our FRP Tanks and other related different substance. There is a widespread variety of contamination types of products including FRP tank producer, scrubber system, and centrifugal blower, and so on fabricated at our premises.

We are completely committed to put over the pinnacle stamp plans in revamp quality or its points of interest. Our FRP tanks are industriously available in high caliber and attempted completely on various quality parameters already its last movement to clients. The burden free execution of our stockpiling tanks is unmistakable by worth supplies that are taken from preeminent merchants in the business. Customer base have versatility to benefit our things at industry driving expenses. They can refer to for revamp answers for suit phenomenal assignment demands. Plainly, you have to give insignificant additional changed FRP tank courses of action yet they are worth in long run.

Omkar is combined with Om Glass Fiber Equipments which hold over 30 years of involvement in the space of assembling different sorts of compound and modern process types of tanks. Our frp tank manufacturer extend isn’t basically constrained however we generally attempt to convey inventive point answers for our patrons according to most recent market principles. Our items can generally be taken in various quality evaluations clinging to strict quality extents.

What is a FRP tank?

FRP or the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics is a composite material which is used to fabricate engineered plant things like Water Tanks. The Fiberglass or the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a strong lightweight material which shields the water tank from outside damages. It is a consistent amassing material which also gives tube molded shape to the water tank. In this manner the water inside it circles properly when the siphon is on. The scattering keeps the water moving along these lines the microorganisms and hatchlings cannot have in it.

The FRP tank is utilized in various business and mechanical application zones compound, pharmaceutical ventures, handling industry, and so forth. The tanks are given in various determinations and highlight that suit the zone of utilizations.


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Quality policy

Giving confounding quality FRP tanks to the respected promoters has been the need of our firm. Along these lines, all of our things like FRP tanks, scrubber system, centrifugal blower, and so forth are made using inconceivable quality material, anchored from steady venders. A quality exploring bunch manages all the collecting stages with the gripe that no restriction occurs. This gathering furthermore takes a gander at made things at the sound assessing unit dependent on their improvement and quality, before the end movement. As the acclaimed FRP tank manufacturer, creator and Exporter, we have earned the appreciation and trust of various general purchasers, who are behind with us since long years.

How does FRP tanks facilitate in water treatments?

The FRP substance is indestructible to most fluids, including water and brutal synthetics. Hence, treatment vessels and capacity tanks made from it are perfect for down to earth use in significant fluid treatment plants. They can endure large amounts of weights with no harm done to their general structure. They are airtight, accordingly making the stream of fluid simple. In light of their adaptability, you can shape them in any configuration. With the help of our company experts, you can likewise have them tweaked according to your necessities and utilize them for different purposes in Steel, Battery, Paper, Chemical, and Textile Industries.

Special features of our FRP tanks

  • Exceptionally solid in nature
  • More strong than other competitive ones
  • Less operating cost requires
  • High operational reliabilities
  • Straightforward in functioning
  • Longer practical life
  • Low maintenance requires
  • More Efficient
  • Objects are accuracy designing

Benefits offered by our FRP tanks

  • Brilliant way of Corrosion Resistance and Weather Resistance
  • Simple Maintenance, Provide Less Down Time
  • Great protecting qualities
  • High motorized potency
  • More substantial and Mechanical Strength
  • Airtight and Versatile
  • Weight Tolerance without Structural Damage
  • Warmth Insulation Property and Lightweight
  • Adaptable and Low Cost

Applications of FRP tanks

  • Waste water treatment
  • Plating
  • Potable water storage
  • Aerospace
  • Leach ate tanks
  • Chiller water storage
  • Oil fields
  • Fire water cisterns
  • Specialty plating operations
  • Water treatment

Industry we serve

  • Chemical Industries
  • Textile industries
  • Power station
  • Rubbers Industry
  • Steel Industries
  • Polytex production
  • Medical dealing
  • Jewelry dealing
  • Engineering Productions
  • Metals industry
  • Oil refineries

Why Choose Us?

  • We understand your needs
  • Provide the best customer services
  • Have years of experience
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Utilize the best quality of raw materials
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Customization on the standard model