FRP Cable Tray

Omkar is the most renowned and leading manufacturer engaged in the development of premium quality of cable trays useful for cable installation. The cable trays are used to provide a support to the insulated electrical cables which are required in various industries like power distribution and communication. The wide range of cable trays we make are fabricated from the best grade of fiberglass reinforced plastic material acquired from the reliable retailers in the market. The FRP cable tray is made strong by utilizing best techniques for assembling and development of the tray. The high grade of material makes them robust and also improves their capacity to resist corrosion. They have excellent features which make them highly demanded among the clients in various industries. The FRP cable tray is mainly preferred in the industries that have more chances of chances in the wiring system.

FRP Cable Tray Exporter

The wide range of fiberglass cable trays is designed in various models and specifications to suit the areas of application. The main type of cable trays are ventilated, perforated and ladder type. With over 3 decades of experience, we are engaged in providing a great range of products required in electrical products like fittings including the FRP cable tray prepared using top class fiberglass reinforced plastic material. We present various models to the client so that they can select the most suitable specifications in the cable tray. The highly experienced team of professionals manages all the process, including design, production and distribution of the FRP cable tray in the domestic and international market.

Plastic Cable Tray

The FRP covers are made in various specifications depending on the location where it is to be used. The FRP cover for motor provide complete protection to the motors of various size used in the industries. Being the largest manufacturer of FRP covers, we develop them in a wide range of specifications varying in the shapes, size and colour. The motor protection cover has great features like durability, stability, strength, corrosion resistance capacity and accurate dimensions. The client can select from a wide range of options in the features and shape that we provide. In addition to this they can even ask for customization in the standard model to develop an exact matching FRP cover for their motors in the industry. We make sure that the customer can get complete satisfaction in the model of the cover they have ordered.

Plastic Cable Tray Supplier