FRP Canopy

A canopy is a cover provided on the top of various substances to protect them from external climates and conditions. Depending on the application area the shape and size of the canopy are decided. The most common application areas of the FRP canopy are motor guard, junction box, push button, air compressor, PA system, transmitter, etc. The canopies that we make are prepared under the standard specifications as per the need of the substance. We provide an extensive range of FRP canopy manufacturer from the best grade of fiber reinforced plastic material. We are recognized as the most reliable provider of canopy in the standard and customized specifications. The use of top grade of frp increases the durability, strength and corrosion resistance property of the canopy. They are made with a number of specifications and dimensions depending on the area where it is used and the conditions it has to withstand.

We have expert team of professionals having years of experience to develop a great model as per the needs of the industry. Each model is tested and verified under a number of conditions and quality check parameters to ensure their superiority. The use of FRP material makes them corrosion resistant and also increases their strength. They are non conductors of electricity and completely environment friendly. The FRP motor canopy has excellent resistance, making it capable to withstand reaction with various chemicals. The FRP canopy we offer is famous in the domestic and the international industries for their quality and durability. The canopy is made in standard specifications of height, shape and size defined by the industries and is even modified on the request of the customer to suit their area of application.

FRP Motor Guard

Interaction of water and other external natural conditions may affect the working efficiency of the motor. To provide protection to the motors, we at Omkar manufacture various models of motor guard from FRP material. These FRP motor guards are prepared using the top grade of materials procured from top retailers in the market. The use of optimum quality of raw materials makes them durable, strong and also increase their resistance power to the adverse environmental and industry conditions. We have special departments that are equipped with latest technology that makes the FRP motor covers in awesome dimensional accuracy. Each of the models of the motor guard is prepared under the strict supervision of quality check experts. Our professionals make sure that the cover we provide fits over the motor and gives it complete guard from the surroundings.

FRP Motor Guard Manufacturer