FRP Grating

The grating is a framework of metals or other materials that forms a grill used as cover, guard and also in cooking applications. The FRP gratings are manufactured in a bi-directional manner to increase the strength and make them slip proof. We are the most renowned manufacturer of FRP grating prepared using high grade of fiber reinforced plastic material. The fiberglass gratings are extensively used in a wide range of application area for the excellent characteristics and ability to resist corrosion. There are various kinds of FRP gratings in mesh mode varying in size and dimension of the mesh. The basic two types of FRP gratings are molded and pultruded. The client can select the type of grating as per their need and decided the mesh size.

FRP Molded Gratings

The molded type of grating is composed of alternating layers in both direction made from a single fiber to give a continuous length. The bidirectional layers allow other substance like pipe, etc. to pass through it without any extra support in them. This FRP molded gratings are made to survive extreme conditions like high temperature, pressure and corrosion. The surface of the molded grating is anti-slip that is safe for the people to walk on it. They are offered in square and rectangular mesh pattern prepared as per the desire of the client. We are the manufacturer of FRP molded gratings of the best type and material famous in the domestic as well as international market for their performance.

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FRP Pultruded Gratings

In the pultruded model of grating the continuous glass strand is packed in the veil that generates a protective layer for the fiber. The fiberglass is passed through a die of specified shape and pulled through a resin bath where it is heated and the final shape is given to the grating. The final strips, mat or veil are drilled together of uniform space in the width as per the needs. We as manufacturer offer these FRP pultruded gratings developed using the latest technology and designed by experts to make them of a perfect shape and size. The client can select from the various dimensions of the grating and can even ask for a modified model in them.

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FRP Industrial Grating

We manufacture special gratings for use in the industries made with great features and quality material. These gratings are made having good resistance from corrosion and can withstand chemicals avoiding reactions with them. They are tested under strict quality check parameters to ensure their durability and customer satisfaction. The FRP industrial grating is well known in the market for their characteristics and offered in various sizes and dimension of the mesh. The client can order the FRP industrial grating from us in their required specifications that suit their area of application and location. We offer them at a great price range and provide on time delivery of the products at their industry location area.

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FRP Floor Grating

The gratings used for floor walkways have to be made with great care and completely leak proof. We are top rated FRP floor grating manufacturer made with a cross locking system to avoid slip and ensure safety of person walking on it. We are renowned in the industries for the awesome range of grating having great strength, corrosion resistance and are highly durable. The client is presented with ample models of the floor gratings prepared in different size of the thickness of the FRP material. Each of them is tested under severe conditions to make sure the safety level and slip proof structure. The customer can avail the desired model at great price range and even modify the dimensions to suit the application requirement and the location of use.

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