Nutsche Filter

The nutsche filter is an industrial model of the filter that is commonly used in the laboratories to filter and remove the unwanted substances from the object. This type of Nutsche filter is mainly used in the industries that deal with manufacturing of paints, dyes, chemicals and other water treatment plants. There are two different types of models in this to force the substance in the filter: one is using vacuum and another using pressure. The selection depends on the choice of clients as per their need. This filter is mainly used for the great advantages that it offers. Some of the most common benefit of the nutsche filter is that the closed model does not allow the toxic gases to mix in the atmosphere and the atmosphere in the filter can be maintained.

Vacuum Nutsche Filter

The vacuum nutsche filter is the one in which the substance is forced into the filter using vacuum. Every vacuum nutsche filter is manufactured in a completely leak proof model to get accurate control of the substance and the vacuum that forces it. The use of our nutsche filter reduces the exposure of the substance during the process, improves the quality of product, decrease the production time and number of workforce required to carry out the processes. As a manufacturer, we make sure that each of the nutsche filters is made with the latest fabrication techniques and best grade of raw material to completely satisfy the customer in the type of quality that they want.

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FRP Nutsche Filters

We are the most reputed company in the market as a manufacturer of FRP nutsche filter in various specification and dimensions. The model of filter depends on the type of the application area and the requirements of the process. The use of innovative technology makes them work in a consistent manner. The FRP nutsche filter is developed with great accuracy and safe operation mode. We even provide functionality to control the flow and change the frequency as per the requirement. The client can select from the wide range of models prepared in standard specifications and can even modify them to develop an exact model that matches their needs.

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HDPE Nutsche Filter

Omkar stands as a top class manufacturer, supplier and exporter of HDPE nutsche filter that are famous in the market for their excellent performance and long durability. This type of filter is highly recommended in the filtration process of slurry water, industrial waste water treatment, etc. The HDPE nutsche filter is made in a number of specifications and is tested under ample quality check parameters. We make sure that the customer can get the perfectly suitable model as per the requirement of their industry. We utilize best grade of HDPE material to fabricate them and develop a flawless filter that can easily work for a long time span. The client can avail the desired model in standard and customized model at a very economical price range.

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PP FRP Nutsche Filter

The PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a highly non reactive material and has great resistance to chemicals. The PVDF pipe and fittings are prepared in the standard specifications defined by the industries. This wide range of pipe and fittings that we manufacture are designed by the expert team of professionals having years of experience in the domain of manufacturing the products. The pipe and fittings we offer are made using an advanced fusion welding technique like butt fusion which makes them completely accurate and flawless. Each of the PVDF pipes and fittings are presented in an excellent range of specifications which make them highly demanded all over the globe. The customer can select the model of pipe and fitting that exactly matches their dimension of pipe and avail them at a very competitive price range.

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