FRP Chimney

Chimney is a vertical channel or a pipe that conducts the smoke and gases generated while carrying out the processes. They are basically a hollow structure from which the smoke is released into the top part of the building. We are the leading industry as a manufacturer of various kind of chimney prepared from FRP and PP material. The FRP chimney that we make is made for use in a number of application areas of industries and commercial uses. We are famous for the vast array of chimney that is famous for their long lifespan and durability. We have highly skilled professionals that manufacture the chimneys under great supervision and precision. The client can select the model of FRP chimney manufacturer as per their requirement and even modify them to suit their application area.

Other FRP Attractions In India

PP Filter Plate

The filter plate is used to separate some specific matter from the main substance removing the unwanted material from it. We are a manufacturer of an extensive variety of PP filter plate fabricated from top grade of polypropylene material. Number of filter plates are arranged in a frame that removes the impurities from the fluid. Each plate is designed with great accuracy and precise dimensions to make them a complete suit to the industrial requirements. The professionals check and verify the raw material as well as the developed product to ensure its flawless performance. The client can select the model of PP filter plate manufacturer as per the dimensions that they need and even modify them to develop a complete suit for their industry application.

PP Filter Plate Manufacturer

Industrial FRP Hopper

A hopper is used in the industries to give a constant rate of flow of the substance into the container. We have specially designed the industrial hopper for the use in the industries that deal with various substances. As a manufacturer, Omkar has gained a great position in the market for providing the most reliable model of the industrial FRP hopper in the standard dimensions. There are various shapes and size of the hopper available at our industry. The hopper that we make is used in a number of industries that carry out mining, construction material and chemical plants, etc. The client can avail the required model of industrial FRP hopper from us in standard and customized model at a very economical price range.

Industrial FRP Hopper In India

FRP Lining Service

The lining is done on the substance to increase the durability and safety of the tanks and substances. The tank is given an extra layer of fiberglass reinforced plastic which provides strength to the object. The FRP layer is generally given on the concrete tanks to make them same as the FRP tanks. We offer FRP lining service in Ahmedabad at a very economical rate. The price of lining depends on the amount of lining and the layers of FRP that are applied to the tank. The client can get great service from us in the best rates and density of the material as per their needs. Our skilled team of professionals accomplishes the task of FRP lining service using the advanced technique to give prefect finishing to the product.

FRP Lining Service Supplier

Corrosion Resistant Lining

Omkar is the corrosion resistant lining manufacturer, well known in the market for their precision and great durability. We hold years of experience in the domain of providing the lining service of the FRP material that makes the substance corrosion resistant. The linings we provide are made as per industry defined standards. The corrosion resistant linings we present are highly demanded in the market in numerous industries for their excellent performance and capability to resist corrosion. This helps in improving the durability of the tank and other substances that are applied with a protective layer of this FRP lining. We give corrosion resistant lining at very economical rates that are within the budget of the customer. The client can avail the desired lining from us with the required specifications in a timely manner.

Corrosion Resistant Lining Manufacturer